Don't Turn The Oven On Again Until After You've Read This...

The tips you need to bake cookies so good, the local bake shop will be calling you up.

Nothing is better than a batch of fresh home-baked cookies, right?
While this may be true for the person eating them, home-baking has it’s start-up costs while you gather your inventory of ingredients. The preparation and the tidy up are time-consuming and can be exhausting if you’re baking up a big batch! If you occasionally bake for fun with your family and don’t care what the finished product looks like, you won’t be deterred.

For those who are serious about creating high-quality sweeties that they can proudly share with clients, friends, or family, all those hours spent aproned up really pay off. Whether it brings in the money or brings a tear to the eye of your loved ones, it’s incredibly rewarding. 
…But when it goes wrong, one wonders why they spent all that time, money, and effort on something that they could have just bought in the store because the receiver would probably enjoy those better!.

If you consider yourself a serious baker, you understand that every batch needs to be the perfect combination of crunch, crumble, and sweetness!

When it comes to decorated cookies, it’s essential to bake the perfect flat canvas to create a flawless design.
If you have already mastered the art of creating the perfect Royal Icing, your skills may be wasted if you can’t bake the perfect cookie. 

Are you...

Wasting money on ingredients?
Wishing you knew the secret to the perfect cookie?
Comfort eating your way through failed attempts?
In need of better cookies to apply your designs to?

If you are an ambitious baker like me, you may have been eager enough to pay hundreds of dollars on a baking class, hundreds on gas to get there, not to mention the babysitting fees, only to be frustrated when I couldn’t recreate at home what I had made in class. 

Trust me when I say there is a better way to harness your skills.
I went through the tiring process of trial and error at home, so you don’t have to. I am bringing the bake-class to you in my at-home virtual Cookie Baking Mastery Class.

For less than the price of any other in-person bakery class, not to mention the traveling time and costs, you can learn how to make the perfect cookie at home in your own time.

  •  Truly professional quality baking every time
  • ​ Wow your friends and family with your new found bake skills
  • ​ Outpace the competition and have your cookies flying out the jar
  • ​ No more time wasted on traveling to bake classes
  • ​ Create the PERFECT cookie for decorating

Never bake an average cookie again. Have some fun at home, whipping up treats so delicious people will look at you differently!  

100% Money Back guarantee
I am 100% confident that Royal Icing Consistencies 101 will help you to mix and identify royal icing consistencies that I'm offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Complete all of the training and do the assigned work and if you're still unable to mix and identify consistencies, just email your homework to and I'll refund your money.

Why? Because I KNOW that this program will get you results if you do the work! 
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DISCLAIMER: While these techniques and training can make you successful without having existing experience, this is not an employment opportunity. It is NOT a way to create wealth or gain skills without work and practice. The CookieDecoratingExplained training is an opportunity that involves implementation of the information. We are only sharing what has worked for us and for our clients. Your results are entirely dependent on your attitude, work ethic, and the quality of your business. If you are NOT interested in practicing, studying, and working to achieve your goals, then this opportunity may not be right for you.
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